As a contractor/home builder, I could immediately see the advantages of powder-coated MDF products. The hygienic, durable qualities of this product, along with its feel and appearance, made me realize that any project in which I included Integra Door products - doors, moldings, wainscoating - would definitely make that project something my clients would be proud to own. Doctor and dentist offices are no longer going to exist with simple slab doors because of the decorative capabilities now inherent with this powder-coated MDF technology.


I'm Ron Byrnes.  Welcome to Integra Doors, a place where exciting things are happening for the woodworking industry.  As a licensed contractor, I have been in the construction/cabinet business most of my life.  At one point, I owned a cabinet shop where we used high pressure laminates, experiencing first hand the headaches caused by delaminating.  When Bern introduced me to powder-coated MDF doors, I knew that the frustrations and disappointments I had experienced over laminated products, vinyl doors, or cracked, peeling painted doors were going to be a thing of the past. 

Like the 3 pass standard raised panel door that I invented years ago, which has now become the industry standard from coast to coast, this process of powdercoating MDF is going to change the industry significantly. Every customer that we have shown the product to has jumped on board with enthusiasm. Homeowners are clamoring for powdercoated doors because they realize that this is a durable, hygienic and attractive product. This is a good time to be back in the industry!

Hi. I'm Bern Fitzgerald, founder of Integra Doors and co-partner in the business with Ron Byrnes. Many of you who are old timers in the cabinet door business know me from my previous ownership of a cabinet door business based in Travelers Rest, SC.  I retired in 2006, but I just couldn't get the woodworking bug out of my system. A year ago I came across an exciting new technology that allows a person to powder-coat MDF doors and other products in a one step process. I knew immediately that this was the answer to all of the delaminating doors, as well as the cracked painted doors that cause recalls (and headaches) to cabinetmakers and homeowners alike.

Welcome to Integra Doors!

custom powder-coated MDF