Let's face it - chemicals make people sick. The fewer chemicals you have in your home, the better you feel. In the past, people complained of chemical smells, the result of sprayed lacquer.  

A powder coated kitchen means no more VOCs or HAPs are being emitted. No glues or solvents are used in the coating of your doors. All the powder that goes in the oven becomes the finish.

Our catalytic ovens do not emit any nitrous oxide (a gas that reduces the ozone layer) or carbon monoxide and are 70% cleaner in emissions than any electrical heater.

Powder coated doors are free of pigments that could contain heavy metals.

There are no plastics or vinyls used in powder coating.

There are no truckloads of wasted laminate needing to be carted off to the landfills.

Simply put, powder coating leaves a low - very low - carbon footprint.

Powdercoated MDF

Clean, fresh - and environmentally friendly!

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