A powdercoated piece has no seams, so there is no place for bacteria to hide.The feel and texture of the piece let you know that it's durable. And the beauty of the piece will bring a smile to your heart whenever you see it.

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Powder coated products are tough and attractive!

Integra Door products can be made in many colors, using an RAL chart specification, or custom made to your color swatch.  We also offer many different door styles, moldings that match your specifications, end panels, wainscoting and other CNC-machined parts for your custom projects.

Because the MDF accepts the powder electro-statically, the charged powder clings to the product and doesn't come off.

Those comments describe powder-coated doors by Integra. Custom MDF doors are coated with a epoxy powder with an acrylic binder and then heated, which causes the powder to gel and flow, bonding to the surface and completely sealing the piece.

As they turn the door over and around, their comment is "There are no seams!"

Usually the first thing our customers say is "That's beautiful!" Then the next thing they say is "I really like the feel of this product."


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