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Powder coated MDF custom cabinet doors can enhance the beauty throughout your home - from your kitchen

cabinets or bathroom cabinets to the garage and storage cabinets. Hospitals, doctors' and dentists' offices all love the fact that powder coated custom doors do not delaminate or peel. An added bonus is that there are no

seams in powder coated cabinet doors, making the medical environment a much cleaner space.

Powder coating metal is not a new technology - it has been around for years. Powder coating MDF, however, is fairly new to the woodworking industry. Sometimes new is better, and sometimes it's not. Let us give you some more information so you can make up your own mind.

Powder coat - Yes or No?

Go Green with us!

It's Green - It's Clean!

No more painted doors with unsightly cracks.

No more yellowing.  No more bacteria-laden seams.

Your home is your refuge, and you need to be surrounded by the style that makes you feel comfortable.  At Integra Doors, you get to pick the style of door that you want as well as the color because each door we make custom built for you.  With your choice comes the peace of mind from knowing that you have chosen an environmentally responsible product that is also durable and beautiful.

Near Greenville, SC, Integra Doors stays busy producing custom MDF cabinet doors on both a retail and wholesale level. As the love of powder coated doors grows, many manufacturers outside of cabinet makers are finding that they need custom powder coated parts for various applications in their businesses. Feel free to call 1-800-613-2198 to talk to us about your needs. Our facilities are located at 209 Depot St., Ste A, Greer, SC 29651.  

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Save Money!!

Powder coated MDF custom cabinet doors will beautify your home's interior!

(as well as raw mdf custom cabinet doors)

Integra Doors llc

is now offering

powder coated MDF custom cabinet doors and moldings

Say "Goodbye"to delaminating doors forever!

Discounts are available to cabinet makers,

re-modelers, and DIY retail customers. Give us a call at 864-334-5507 and let us help you with the best price for your job!Type your paragraph here.